Simba resting
Sesame and Caramel napping together
Shiba exploring new home after adoption
Shiba and Simba adopted
Sesame and Caramel napping on sofa
Simba trying to escape paper bag on the way home
Simba in pet carrier
Shiba taking comfort under a blanket
Sesame and Shiba resting
Sesame in pet carrier
Sesame, Caramel, Shiba and Simba taking a nap on the sofa
Shiba and Simba taking a nap on the floor
Simba laying on doormat, guarding the door
Photo collage of Sesame, Caramel, Shiba and Simba
Sesame trying to rest, but Shiba shoved itself inside the pet carrier
Sesame having some "me" time up the bookshelf
Simba brought home in paper bag after adoption
Simba enjoying the blanket
Simba taking over a paper box
Sesame managed to climb up the door
Closeup shot of Simba taking a nap
Sesame on a chair
Sesame got up the door, but too afraid to jump down
Sesame got up the entertainment centre unit, asserting dominance
Shiba and Sesame taking over a spinning chair
Sesame looking out the window
Topdown shot of Caramel
Closeup shot of Sesame
Sesame and Caramel at the adoption centre